Recorded rgbd - export?



I´ve been using Zvector in some live VJ-shows for some time now and love it more and more every time!
BUT is it possible to import recorded rgbd animations into other programms?
I am specially interested in getting it into a 3D software (I am using Cinema4D)
It would be cool to convert the recorded data e.g. into an obj-sequence or an animated point cloud that a 3D software could read an play back
I know this is not specifically related to Zvector, but I just wanted to ask … :slight_smile:


The RGBD format is something we created ourselves for Z Vector and NI mate, and there is currently no exporter of any kind to any other file format. We currently don’t have plans for opening the format.


Hi Jesse,

thanks for clarification!
I can surely understand that you don´t want to give away your selfscripted, smoothly running code :slight_smile:

I just realised that “old” kinectsensor seems to awake from the dead again. Progs like Depthkit or Holocap make a little buzz at the moment and I thought I could do similar stuff with your record-funktion.

Maybe it would be possible for you to set up something similar and hop on the train of realtime 3D recording, with all your knowledge and nifty code already in the drawer …?!?