Sending OSC Messages to NIMateReceiver Script in Unity

I am currently having problems sending OSC Messages to the NIMateReceiver script in Unity. Does someone know how to send OSC Messages to said script? I want to use the messages for displaying position and rotation data from a given Data-Set recorded in the past.


First of all, apologies about the delay in responding.

The Unity plugin hasn’t been updated to the latest version of Unity, although when we last checked it, only the feed transmission was nonfunctional. The OSC message transmission seemed to be working.

Which type of OSC messages are you sending? Skeleton joints? Could you verify that:

  • Skeleton OSC output is enabled (On the skeleton tracking page, the button is enabled)
  • The log window, if the OSC button is checked, displays outgoing OSC data

Hello Jesse!
I tryed sending differnt types of data: joint positions only, joint positions and rotations and joint rotations only. All of which where sent using the official NI Mate form for sending OSC Messages.

  • Skeleton OSC is enabled
  • the log window displays outgoing OSC data

The Error im getting is on the NImateReceiver script in Unity on the function UpdateTRLocation. I will post again with a better description.