Sensor does not start on Mac


I am currently experiencing the same problem. I’ve downloaded the latest version, and when I check the status of the sensor in the Setup tab it always comes up as Stopped. When I manually try to start it, it takes a few seconds and it says “Starting” but it just goes back to “Stopped”. What can I do to make it start working? I am on a macOS High Sierra.

Sensor stuck on 'starting' in setup v.2.03

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Could you include the log window output?


I have the same issue with High Sierra not working. The log shows the following:
23:32:26: Input 1: websocket unconnectedstate
23:32:26: Input 1: client closed
23:32:47: Input 1: No sensor start command received. Timeout.
23:32:47: Input 1 quit normally.

It looks like the port is not working. I know my XBox One Kinect Sensor works because I can make it work using this test program. ./bin/Protonect (see for my setup). What do I need to do?


It’s good you tested the Protonect program as that means libfreenect2 can at least access the sensor. Did you compile libfreenect2 from source based on the README or acquire Protonect some other way? If yes, then it’s possible a later version of libfreenect2 has a fix for some issue on Mac.

It’s the first time I see this particular error: No sensor start command received. Timeout.

It refers to the way NI mate and its child process communicate with each other, using a websocket. It’s possible something is preventing the communication between these two processes. It’s unlikely a firewall would block this transfer as it’s all localhost.

They use port 22222 over UDP - could some other process be using this port?