Sensor stuck on 'starting' in setup v.2.03


Have been trying to get all working with recent download (v.2.03) on Mac (OS 10.11.1) and not successful. Using Kinect 1 (the older version).

Under SETUP> I select my sensor & under STATUS it either says ‘stopped’ or ‘starting’. when ‘starting’ it gets stuck there and doesn’t seem to get to ‘running’.

Twice it’s gotten to ‘running’ but then when I go to record it jumps back to ‘starting’.

Possible related or just coincidence–when I open delicode ni-mate a very small grey item shows up on my desktop. When I quit nimate that sliver of pixels dissappears too.

Anyone have any suggestions how I can get this to work?



First of all, please download the latest version, 2.07. A lot of fixes have been applied since 2.03. You can download the latest version from the downloads page.

What Kinect 1 model are you using? The model 1473 has been known to be problematic due to an unsolved USB firmware bug in the device which makes the sensor unusable on OS X with OpenNI. The model 1414 should work though.

Are you plugging the Kinect into a USB2 port? The Kinect 1 can experience issues when used in a USB 3 port.

Does the log window display any errors?

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