Skanect 1.9.1 + realsense SR300 (XYZprinting scan handy 2.0 BLU) + OSX MOJAVE


like many others I had serious problems installing SR300 on WIN 10 due to the fact that intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718.exe tried to update the Firmware and failed. in the end I managed to get it to work by uninstalling the Intel drivers and using the Microsoft ones. also works with “3D scan simple” included in the SDK 2016 R3.
I read here that you have a lot of problems because of the DCM of various versions and various manufacturers (I also tried those released by ACER and HP in addition to INTEL and finally MICROSOFT).
I would like to use the SR300 sensor (XYZprinting Handy Scan 2.0 Blue) on MacOSX Mojave by connecting it to SKANECT 1.9.1, the drivers are installed and works with the BAD XYZprinting application.


I have already installed NI mate 2.14 and it works (some crashes, but start), what other operations do I have to do to use the sensor as a 3d scanner with SKANECT?

thank you



Unfortunately the first era Realsense sensors always had a bit difficult drivers. We had our own share of issues bundling them with NI mate and making sure they worked across all systems.

NI mate does not have any relation to the Skanect software - could you clarify how you plan to utilize NI mate with Skanect?