Subscription blocked


I have been trying to purchase a Pro license, but the “Subscribe” button is always greyed out with a message “Please Continue Filling Out the Form”.
I’ve checked and every required field is completed and shows a green check mark.
Only two fields on the page are not filled:
Coupon code
Address 2
I tried purchasing both the Basic and the Pro subscription, no luck.
I tried Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



First of all, apologies about the delay caused by Easter holidays here in Finland.

This sounds like something we saw earlier with one other customer, in which case using the “tab” key to navigate the fields on the shop form somehow didn’t register the form as being filled up on his browser. We’ve tested the shop ourselves on Mac and WIndows using multiple browsers, but sometimes it’s possible a particular browser version can cause issues. It’s also possible an external plugin is blocking some feature the form uses to detect a field being filled.

Does the shop detect your country correctly? It should be listed as “We automatically detected your country as X”.