Surface Pro Specific Bluetooth Issue



It turned out that it was an issue with the unsigned driver not being installed properly. If the installer is run and it isn’t installed, then the bluetooth issue occurs where all bluetooth and keyboard functionality is disabled on the device. When I uninstalled every part of the NI Mate software and drivers, rebooted and reinstalled with unsigned driver installing enabled, the issue was resolved.

Added 30th Sept:
Judging from my tests with my new Surface Pro i5 8GB, it doesn’t seem to be able to handle the Kinect v2 for any longer than about 20-30 seconds…keeps dropping out and then coming back on again.

Added 1st Oct:
Just wondering if anyone has had any success with Kinect v2 on the new Surface Pro i5’s? I keep seeing forum posts of people using Kinects on older Surface Pros and they seem to be able to do it no worries, however as mentioned above I keep dropping out…


Woah! Talk about random!

It turned out that the issue of the Kinect drop-outs is related to the sound recording device settings which have to have the Kinect ENABLED and as DEFAULT. I’d disabled the audio because it was giving me feedback through my speakers any time I made a noise, so now I just have my laptop muted and I’m getting crystal clear and consistent Kinect data streaming through!


Glad to hear you got the sensor going. The sound device problem sounds like the Kinect’s microphone is being accessed from somewhere, but I don’t know why this would cause a drop-out, though.