Tips for best tracking results with Kinect?


I am very impressed with the Kinect v2 tracking. However I was wondering in anyone has any tips, or best practices for getting the cleanest tracking results from it? What lighting, staging area materials, clothing colours and fabrics, etc. would make the ideal Ni Mate Kinect tracking studio stage?


Hi. I use kinect2 cameras in a variety of situations. the sensor is pretty stable, as it produces its own infrared light source the environment has little impact on the tracking ability.
the main thing to bear in mind is the range, and that - if you are using one sensor - that it covers a cone of space, from a single point at the sensor, radiating out to an area about 6m wide. beyond about 6m from the sensor, the body disappears.
vertical positioning is also quite important. if your kinect is on the floor, figures will be distorted (it is designed for gaming and assumes the user will be stood in front of a TV with the kinect either on top or at the base of the screen.)
as far as costume goes, the only clothing becomes invisible is a certain type of black, tight clothing - usually black leggings, some black t shirts. certain fabric/dye combinations absorb infrared rather than reflecting it, and these will have an effect on tracking at about 3m or more from the sensor. i have run workshops with thousands of school children and young people over the last 2 years and i would estimate that about one in 30 is wearing something that is invisible to the kinect. (teenage girls tend to favour black leggings)