Trancer Games Kinect?

Does anyone have any experience with the modified Kinects being sold by Trancer on eBay? Or am I better off buying a regular Kinect and an adapter?

We haven’t tested these cameras, but I highly doubt the sensor internals are changed in any way. Both Z Vector and NI mate are likely to work normally with these sensors.

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Ok, got the Trancer sensor in the mail today! Plugged it in, everything seems to be working great in Mac OS Mojave and Blender 2.79! In Ni Mate the camera automatically is recognized, which is fantastic! My only question is that Ni Mate says “Kinect for Windows” not “Kinect for Windows 2”. Does this mean that I somehow have a Kinect v1 in a Kinect v2 body (Looks like an Xbox One Kinect to me!) or is this normal behaviour?

If you’re getting full HD video NI mate is using the sensor properly. I’m not sure why NI mate would omit the “2” in the name - maybe it’s something with the sensor’s serial number.

I feel so silly. I now noticed that even when I add a dummy “Kinect for Windows 2” device it also omits the “2”!


I don’t know how to eyeball and tell that I am getting HD from the camera, but comparing to images online It looks like I am.

So all is plug and play, which is more than I had hoped for!