Triggers + multiple users/activation areas


These are such a great idea and perfect for triggering drum racks in ableton. Is there any way to make triggers attach to different people with a single kinect sensor? Right now triggers are “latching” on to the nearest person but I would like to have different triggers (say a blue set of 5) latch onto one person and another (a green set of 12) latch onto another.
My current solution is either using 2 fixed depth trigger (but the nearest person “steals” it, still limiting it to one person) or using activation areas to control when they turn on or off and having a single trigger set with infinite depth. Is there a better way to use triggers with multiple people? Or is there a way to make my own triggers within NI mate?

Thanks for the help!!

  • Enable multiuser tracking by clicking the button saying “Track single user” so it turns into multiuser track
  • In numbering, choose a mode that suits you - Persistent is probably good? This adds a number to each OSC message based on the user ID.
  • Enable trigger OSC
  • Enable OSC logging on the Log page

You should now see a message in the nature of: /Trigger1_5, /Trigger1_3 for the first user, /Trigger2_5, /Trigger2_3 for the second, etc.


great, thanks for the quick reply! I’d hoped to use midi as Ableton doesnt support OSC (uggggh) but will start with the third party plugins. Thanks!