Since today, when starting Zvector wth a connected Kinect for Windows, I get a bluescreen


NImate still works
But I need Zvector NOW
Show starts in two hours and I´m totally screwed

Any ideas?
Maybe the windows 10 2019 update?

Uninstalled and reinstalled everything
Rebooted several times
Still bluescreen

Any help from the devs would be REALLY helpull

Thnaks and best


A BSOD sounds like a driver issue of some kind. Does the BSOD happen if you don’t have a sensor connected when you start Z Vector? Does updating your GPU drivers help?

Hi Jesse

I uninstalled all Kinect drivers
updated all drivers and win10
installed https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=44559
Kinect2 sensor is recognised by OS
Microsofts 3D scan programm does work

When I start Zvector without Sensor, it runs - no crash
With sensor plugged in - BSOD
NImate starts with sensor, but shows no output
after some minutes it crashes
“unfortunately no crash report could be generated”

I´m stuck :-/

Z Vector does not use the Microsoft driver for the Kinect and it may in fact be conflicting. libfreenect2 with usbdk is used instead. You could try installing the latest version of UsbDK instead of the one that comes with Z Vector and see if that helps. You can get it here: https://github.com/daynix/UsbDk/releases/download/v1.00-21/UsbDk_1.0.21_x64.msi

I installed it
still BSOD at startup of Zvector with Kinect connected
Should I uninstall all kinect-related win drivers?

You could try that. I’m not sure what kind of issue in Z Vector could produce a BSOD if it doesn’t happen with any other software, but again, this is likely a driver problem of some sort.