User detection, Ni Mate 2.14 consistently crashing on MacbookPro 2011, OSX Sierra


I am looking for a stable solution for a museum installation using Kinect 1414 for xbox 360 on a 2011 MacBookPro (USB 2). The installation is already set-up and uses 3 x detection areas in Ni Mate, OpenNi, User detection, however, this could be reduced to one detection area. Sending OSC messages to a ToikaTronix Isadora patch. Ni Mate operates as expected for some time - perhaps 30 minutes and then crashes. The camera does not automatically restart when relaunching Ni mate and I have to physically disconnect the camera from the adaptor before NiMate will run the kinect again. I need a solution that I can leave for museum staff to operate and having to access cables to reset the kinect tracking data is a real pain.

The Kinect is attached to one USB port and a second USB port is used for a USB2 hub that is running a serial data connection to an Arduino micro and a second USB in the hub connected to a Matrox TH2Go.

Could there be too much power load on the USB bus with this configuration? Does the Kinect or Kinect adaptor draw power through the USB bus?

Any advice to get a longer running time ie: 3 - 4 hours unattended, would be appreciated.
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We’ve done some long time installations ourselves, but all of them have been with Kinect 2, and most of them have been able to run for some weeks or even months without problems (we have had some hardware break down and some problems with Intel GPUs, but not with the sensor itself).

Both the Kinect variants do have their own power supplies, so I don’t think they draw power from USB at all. It’s the USB bandwidth that could be the problem, if the Matrox is bandwidth-hoggy. Yet I doubt this would appear over a long time period such as 30 minutes - if the bandwidth was a problem it should manifest as a USB disconnect rather fast.

Is the crash you’re talking about a crash of NI mate itself, the sensor program, or the USB connection to the sensor (the log window would mention this)? If this is a crash of NI mate itself, could this be a memory problem? Perhaps there’s some memory leak we haven’t heard about, or perhaps the Log window is being filled with too verbose logging?


Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your advice. I was able to trace the problem to a cable issue. The installation used an active USB3 cable extension which appeared to be causing the issue.
best wishes