Using Orbbec Astra 3D camera in NI MATE

Hello, I have been told by David Xu Chen (VP Business Development) that you would be including the Orbbec Astra 3D camera as a supported sensor device in NI Mate. Is this possible, and if so, when would it be available?

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Hi William,

We’re indeed looking in to supporting the Orbbec range of cameras in a future release of NI mate. This is likely to happen around V2.10-V2.11, which on our current release schedule would mean February-March 2016.

Thank you Julius, that’s great to hear. According to the company, the Orbbec cameras have the deepest range (0.4m – 8m) and very low latency, making them the most useful for interactivity in ‘live performance’.

I will go ahead and purchase one. I look forward to the NI Mate support.


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Please do keep in mind, however, that any support for the Astra and Astra Pro that we can provide is bound to happen on platforms that Orbbec officially support. For the time being I think the OS that Orbbec is going to support are Windows, Linux and Android.

Thank you for the note Julius. On the following page:

It states, Astra Pro, Support:Windows 7 and above; Linux; Android; OS X

But I will check with them to confirm before ordering.


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That’s actually (good) news to us!

The official word from David Xu Chen at Orbbec.

Our Astra SDK currently support only Astra and Astra S on OS X. We will add Astra Pro shortly.


Hello Julius, earlier you stated support for the Orbbec Astra might be available in “V2.10-V2.11, which on our current release schedule would mean February-March 2016”. As you know, we’ve been using NI Mate with the Kinect in our ‘Interactive Stage Course’ at York University for a few years now.

As we head into the next academic year, we would really like to switch over the the Orbbec Astra for the better depth definition and greater range. Are you able to offer a timeline for support of the Orbbec cameras in NI Mate?


Hi William,

We’re excitedly waiting for Orbbec to release their skeleton tracking library so that we can implement it in to NI mate. I was a little overly positive in my expectations for the library’s release in my earlier post. Without a functional skeleton tracking library, adding support for the Astra and Astra Pro might not make a lot of sense for a lot of use cases.

Hİ. I new in mocap area. And I need to use sony ps3 cameras to do my mocap like in ipi soft. İs it possible in NI mate to do that.