V2.0 for existing V1.0 license holders


This post offers explanation on why V2.0 isn’t a free upgrade to V1.0 license holders. Also we cover what to do if you do hold a license and would like to try V2.0 (and you for some reason haven’t received an email from us).

Background and V2

We worked exclusively on V1.0 for 2,5 years making it as good as it could effectively get without major restructuring of the code and UI. People liked it, but towards the end of those 2,5 years it became clear to us that apart from being a dead-end code wise, keeping up the development of the software was an unsustainable business model for two reasons: the licensing model we’d chosen (pay-once) and slowly diminishing purchases. While we don’t expect V2.0 to be huge enterprise either, it represents an effort to keep the software alive and serving the needs of a selected group of people who have a use for the kind of things it does. Basically it was choice between dropping the software completely and focus on other things, or going for a fundamental redesign of both the software and the business model.

Your V1.0 license and continued support

Your V1.0 license was a pay-once licence which naturally will keep working (with any V1.X release) for as long as you want. We’ll keep providing support for V1.X, so if you have any questions regarding its functionalities or have problems with it, don’t hesitate to contact us via our support email (support [a] delicode.fi). Also keep in mind that this forum has a dedicated section for V1.X as well.

Redeem code

As a holder of an existing V1.0 license, you should have received an email from us with a redeem code for the shop worth either $120 (single licensees) or $240 (dual licensees). If you haven’t, please write to our support email with your name, the original email you received your license to and any other information that you think might help us make sure it’s really you.

Again we thank you for purchasing your V1.0 license and genuinely hope you will keep on using NI mate - whether it be V1 or V2.


Hello, i have a V1 license and with MAC OS news versions doesn’t work, need and+ update for V1, how does this works?