Video import issue


Hi~ I am win 10 user ,I have problem with background visual loaded and already installed Vidiöt ,it works fine with jpg,png,gif,and spout in,but can’t be function normally with mov,mp4 wmv…


Could you include the log window output?

Does the video background work if you start Vidiöt on its own (not inside Z Vector), select a video to playback in it, then use Z Vector’s Spout background to read Vidiöt’s output?


here is the log file,I can’t find the Vidiöt.exe inside zvector ,but download another Vidiöt file the spout out works。


Vidiöt, when installed via Z Vector, installs under AppData, probably to C:/Users/youruser/AppData/Roaming/Delicode/Delicode Z Vector 1.1x/Vidiot


OK I found the Vidiöt .exe in AppData browser ,but the spout out didn’t work,Vidiöt can spout out to M4L and grandVJ,and my M4L patch can spout to zvector,but when I choose Vidiöt as spout source it shows nothing。


And my Kinect V2 drop out very often,I check the manual it said that is a Low bandwidth mode I can choose,but I check the preference just can’t find that option…


Could you test if the Spout demo sender works as a Spout source in Z Vector? Download Spout here and install it, then go to C:/Program Files/Spout/Demo (I think) and start the Spout demo sender.

The low bandwidth mode does not influence Kinect v2. The sensor dropping could be either a USB problem, or some issue between the sensor program and Z Vector. When the sensor drops, does the log window say anything about that? Does it say the sensor program crashes, or does it say the sensor timeouted?

Kinect v2 is very USB bandwidth intensive. Make sure nothing else is using the same USB controller and that the Kinect isn’t behind a USB hub.


Hi,both spout in & out don’t works in Zvector~~but spout demo works with my other programs like grand VJ。


Unfortunately I’m not sure where to go from here. This is probably a GPU driver specific issue with how Z Vector operates the Spout feeds. If possible, try this on a different computer and see if the feeds work there.