Websocket accelerometer

Hello ni-mate,

I got the GitHub link that about web socket accelerometer respo. This is all about with raspberry Pi project as follows by description. Coming to my doubt… Can I send smartphone sensor data via app ( android play store with python script ) to Ni - mate which therefore can control blender objects or camera ? If so, would you help me or any direct method to connect to blender ?

Here is git link

And android apps

This was a project an intern at our company worked on a couple years back. There is a feature in NI mate to support “custom” devices, but this functionality is very much undocumented to users and not 100% tested. The gist of it is:

  • NI mate hosts a websocket server that waits for a greeting message specifying what type of data the websocket device will be transmitting
  • A custom user interface is built dynamically with OSC/MIDI controls
  • This data is outputted over OSC normally

I pushed the protocol specification here: Custom sensors protocol

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have the time to offer any support with this system.