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Hi I just joined this forum, I am just wondering, has anyone tried to use vrpn(Virtual Reality Peripheral Network) before?



hello i want to buy a license but im having problem it keeps asking for my country. please help


Hi, I"m Vera!

I’m brasilian student designer. Sorry for my bad communication.
I can’t to install Ni Mate for use in blender.
Can you help me?



Hi, Id like to post a thread but can’t see an option to do so. How do I go about starting a new topic?



The new thread option should appear the top right corner:


Hi again,

I dont seem to have that


The option should appear after you’ve gone through some forum posts. The discourse system works so that users are granted more options the longer they remain in the community. Take a few looks around the forum and see if the option appears.


Hi there. Jesse forgot to mention that before users gain access to creating new threads they have to read a number of posts and/or participate in some existing conversations. This is a feature in Discourse (the forum software we use) which is meant to keep out spammers.


Hello NI team,

I just started using the software it is really amazing how fast I got it up and working in maya. However I got a small issues that I need some help with.


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