What are the assorted Spout / Syphon feeds?


There are two sets of output feeds in NI mate:

  1. Main feeds
  2. Sensor data feeds

The main feeds are what you can control using the “Live feeds” option in the preferences. These feeds are what you have selected on the sensor’s main UI page with the various feed options (depth & extras, depth, color…) and they are labeled something human readable such as “Delicode NI mate 1”. If the “Live feeds” option is disabled, these feeds won’t be available at all. These feeds are rather expensive to create, so if yo don’t need them disabling the live feeds will save you some CPU resources.

The sensor data feeds are what NI mate uses internally to transfer data between the sensor program process and the main NI mate process. These are largely intended for NI mate’s internal use, but since there’s no practical way to make them hidden, we left them available for users. These feeds are labeled something random, such as 46a74036-cf6c-d433-88997-6da24fe0aa07_depth. In all cases, the name contains a random string followed by either _depth, _rgb or _ir. The depth feed contains the raw depth data encoded into red and green color channels (as the 65535 different depth values don’t fit into a single color channel of 255 different colors) as follows:

red = depth >> 8
green = depth & 0xFF

which can be extracted as follows:

depth = (red << 8) + green