What are the differences between NI mate V1.00 and V2.00?


Although the two software share many of the same principle functionalities (such as use of OSC and MIDI), NI mate V2.00 represents over 1,5 years of intensive restructuring and rewriting of the original software.

Features V2.00

  • NI mate now allows using multiple sensors concurrently
  • Sensors now run in separate processes
  • User interface has been completely redesigned to work better with the new modular system
  • Ability to record sensor data into the new .nirec format added
    • This format allows playbacking skeleton tracker data
    • .nirec files can be moved between projects
  • BioVision (BVH) export added
  • Processing integration has been removed (although it might make an appearance in later releases)
  • A new tag based OSC path scripting system
  • Multithreading is now used extensively
  • GPU support for live feeds (Spout on Windows, Syphon on OS X)
  • An integrated crash reporter added
    * Upon crash, NI mate will launch a crash reporter that allows submitting a crash report to our support team
  • Localization support added (initially released with translation in to Finnish)
  • Starting by default to a minimized tray-icon mode due to a much more powerful tray icon menu

New sensor types supported

  • Kinect for Windows v2 / XBOX One is now supported (Windows only)
  • Leap Motion is now supported
  • Leap Motion data can be added on top of Kinect data for more accurate hand tracking

New licensing scheme

  • Licences are now registered based on computer ID rather than sensor ID, allowing use of NI mate with any sensor device
  • Licences now work by monthly or yearly subscription
  • No licence is required for trial usage (now called NI mate Free)


  • The plugins now receive data in synchronized frames which makes receiving large amounts of data faster

Website and forum

  • A redesigned website with forum integration
  • A new forum at forum.ni-mate.com
  • New shop started
  • A new support and ticketing system enacted

Bug fixes

  • Fixed many multithreading related crashes
  • Fixed issues with some skeleton joint drawing
  • Fixed a crash related to loading a project with MIDI devices on OS X

Future plans

  • Autodesk Motion builder support
  • FBX support
  • Processing integration
  • HMD support (starting with the Oculus Rift)
  • What would you like us to add?

Plus many more things that we’ve forgotten to add to this list.

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Which model of kinect shall i buy if i use NI MATE FOR OS X V 2.07?


Currently the following sensors are supported on OS X:

  • Kinect for XBox 360 model 1414
  • Asus XTion
  • PrimeSense Carmine
  • Leap Motion

If you only have USB3 ports (the port is blue in this case) on your Mac you should go for Asus XTion or PrimeSense Carmine as there are USB3 firmware patches available (Applying them requires Windows though). The Kinect for XBox 360 only works properly in USB2 ports.

The following sensors are NOT supported on OS X:

  • Kinect for Windows v1 (model 1517)
  • Kinect for Windows v2 / Kinect for XBox One
  • RealSense F200
  • Kinect for XBox 360 model 1473 (there are a number of issues with this sensor and we cannot recommend this for OS X users)