When is tutorial for 2.12 coming out Nimate mocap to blender


Just wondering when we will get a step by step tutorial for ni mate version 2.12 into blender for 3d animation/mocap using the Xbox One kinect with adaptor for pc really eager to start making some animations but can’t seem to figure it out its been three weeks since I bought basic. I’ve been looking around the site and have not really found anyone asking specifically for this so thought id ask help would be much appreciated.


We are all eager to hear from everyone about this. I have tried it out but cannot seem to be able to make it work with my pre existing rigs but I have been able to move around cubes and spheres. The objective will be to have it work on characters. Response from the team will be highly appreciated.



We all here at Delicode agree that tutorials must happen. Right now our team has been focusing on releasing the next version of Z Vector, and as a three man company that has taken all our resources. I can’t give a date on the tutorials, but they are coming.


Thanks for the info. But, I must know are all the resources available on your site to get it up and running on our own. If so i’m willing to up load a tutorial when i figure it out.


If you haven’t seen it yet, the old tutorial for Blender is here: Delicode NI mate Tutorials: Using Existing Blender Rigs

Everything works pretty much the same, with the exception that the skeleton tracker is in a slightly different place in NI mate.


Out of curiosity I’ve bought a Kinectv2 and got hooked by NI-Mate and your Blender plugin. However I found retargeting too cumbersome and wanted to be able to record mocap for manuelbastionilab characters in realtime…

I’m a developer myself, so I started playing around with c# and ended up with this:

It looks more and more promising and I was wondering if you’re ok with using parts of your Blender plugin. I saw it’s GPL3 and I’ll certainly leave this as is…


Yup, the plugins are GPL, so all the freedoms of that license apply. The plugins are also available on our Github: https://github.com/Delicode/NI-mate-plugins

The facial movement is pretty impressive on your video.


Thanks! I found the face to be the easy part, though. The joint rotations are a different beast :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I can not create a new topic (Access denied) I do not know why .
I start in the world of motion capture.
After days trying to install Nimate and my Kinect (360 - 1414),
I still do not understand how I can go about using motion capture in real time
on my own rig in blender.
I installed the blender plugin “Animation: Delicode NI mate Tools”, and followed the tutorial: “Delicode NI mate Tutorials: Using Existing Blender Rigs”.
Nothing seems to work and worse yet everything I find on the internet seems obsolete.

Could you help me?

Thank you

My xbox 360 kinect works perfectly but it doesn't on N I Mate

@MocapLost I moved your post in this thread.

Unfortunately we don’t currently have the resources for creating a tutorial series for mocapping in Blender. However, the general workflow is this:

  • Enable Skeleton Tracking in NI mate and set the output mode to “Basic + Orientation”
  • Verify you get your OSC data in Blender and the empties spawn in the 3D scene
  • Construct an armature that matches the joints received - using an existing rig can be challenging if it doesn’t map well to the NI mate’s output data
  • Use either copy rotation or track to constraints on each joint so that they track the orientation of each of the respective empties.