Why is my ASUS Xtion / PrimeSense Carmine sensor disconnecting often?


The microphones on these sensor devices are taking up USB bandwidth whenever the devices are connected even if the audio devices aren’t being actively used. This can cause the sensor to disconnect often especially if multiple sensors are being used simultaneously. If the microphone isn’t required we strongly suggest that it’s disabled.

On Windows

  1. Open up Recording devices (Control panel -> Sound -> Recording), right click on the sensor audio device and select disable.
  2. Open the Device Maneger and find the audio device under the sensor, right click it and select disable if available. After this right click again and select uninstall.


There is no nice way to do this on OS X other than disabling USB audio devices completely with the terminal command:

sudo kextunload -b com.apple.driver.AppleUSBAudio

Even after this command the audio devices will be re-enabled after restart, so if you want to make this apply on every restart you should save this command as a shell script and make it run on startup as instructed on this stackoverflow comment.

Documentation: Asus Xtion / PrimeSense Carmine

we are testing the Xtion Pro (not the Pro Live version) with NI Mate. in the control interface, we could see the skeleton, but when we tried to see the RGB signal, there nothing on the screen. Is it normal? Shall we try the Pro Live version instead? Thanks.


This sounds like Spout (Are you on Windows?) being in memory only mode. If this is the case you should see a warning about this in the log window. You can try disabling GPU texture transfer in the preferences to see if the RGB feed appears.