Windows 10 - all drivers disabled?

I really need help! I just installed Ni Mate on an HP Zbook G4 X2. When I tried to restart - it appears all my drivers are disabled - Windows 10 splash screen comes up - but my webcam (for Windows login) doesn’t work, no mouse, no keyboard - I ran all bios hardware tests and the issue is not with the computer hardware (this machine is only 3 months old) - but appears that the Ni Mate installer corrupted something in Windows. I can’t even get into Safe Mode since I have no keyboard. This machine is an i7, 16gB memory and a 512GB hard drive, Nvidia Quadro graphic card.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?? I really don’t want to reinstall Windows if I don’t have to.

Jim Caldwell

This sounds like another issue with the UsbDk installer. The problem is probably due to the installer package being unsigned, and you are likely to get your USB drivers working again by booting with Driver Signature Enforcement off. As you don’t have your USB drivers working, you can still do this by booting to a Windows 10 installer stick and going to “Repair your computer” (or similar text). There you can go to Advanced Startup Settings -> Disable Driver Signature Enforcement.

Once your system is up again, either uninstall UsbDk runtime or install the latest version that people have reported to not cause this problem anymore:

We will have to update the NI mate installer to no longer supply the older version of UsbDK.

Thank you Jesse for your reply. My laptop is a hybrid - designed for Adobe products such as Premiere and After Effects, and has a tablet mode - so I was able to use the touch screen to remove the USB drivers, I rebooted and it now works fine. I reinstalled Ni Mate, but deselected all the drivers and everything is working! Ni Mate appears to be working fine now.

Thanks again!

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