Z vector crashed using Nvidia graphic Card

Hi,I can’t open my z-vector now unless I turn off my Nvidia GTX 960m ,and it works months ago…How do I solve this problem?


Could you submit the crash report? Fill out the form with your email address and click the “send” button.

Ok I have send the crash report back~!

Had the same problem
For now I rolled back to an older Nvida driver and everything works again
I hope that will not be the final solution for the future …

I spent two days of my life, tracking down that stupid driverproblem!
What I found out by now:
none of the still officially drivers on the nvida site does work with zvector
I fortunately still have
With that Zvector does not crash at start up
BUT the kinectviews stay gray
After several starts they suddenly appear
I have no idea why and when
When I restart windows and then start Zvector, the windows are gray again


Nonetheless you can send me your contact and I´ll send you the driver if you can´t find it on the net but want to try it for yourself

After at least onethousandandeightynine tries, I found a solution!!!:
If the gray screens appear, disconnect your kinect from the USB port, reconnect it, close Zvector, klick on “save”, restart Zvector => the output appears :slight_smile:

BIG hassle, but at least I can do the job I´m booked for next week (hopefully!)

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big TKS for information,Z vector still works with intel graphic card only,but I will try to downgrade the Nvidia driver if there no other solution。

We’ve received a few similar reports about the latest NVidia driver. At this point I’d say there’s likely a driver problem. Until an updated driver comes out, I’d recommend remaining at old driver versions.

I have buy a new computer with NVDIA RTX2060,it still crash at start up。

Any update about the driver issue~~?

Unfortunately not yet. If new drivers don’t solve this problem, Z Vector might require an update to handle this, but for now we don’t have the resources to look into this.