Z vector crashed using Nvidia graphic Card

Hi,I can’t open my z-vector now unless I turn off my Nvidia GTX 960m ,and it works months ago…How do I solve this problem?


Could you submit the crash report? Fill out the form with your email address and click the “send” button.

Ok I have send the crash report back~!

Had the same problem
For now I rolled back to an older Nvida driver and everything works again
I hope that will not be the final solution for the future …

I spent two days of my life, tracking down that stupid driverproblem!
What I found out by now:
none of the still officially drivers on the nvida site does work with zvector
I fortunately still have
With that Zvector does not crash at start up
BUT the kinectviews stay gray
After several starts they suddenly appear
I have no idea why and when
When I restart windows and then start Zvector, the windows are gray again


Nonetheless you can send me your contact and I´ll send you the driver if you can´t find it on the net but want to try it for yourself

After at least onethousandandeightynine tries, I found a solution!!!:
If the gray screens appear, disconnect your kinect from the USB port, reconnect it, close Zvector, klick on “save”, restart Zvector => the output appears :slight_smile:

BIG hassle, but at least I can do the job I´m booked for next week (hopefully!)

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big TKS for information,Z vector still works with intel graphic card only,but I will try to downgrade the Nvidia driver if there no other solution。

We’ve received a few similar reports about the latest NVidia driver. At this point I’d say there’s likely a driver problem. Until an updated driver comes out, I’d recommend remaining at old driver versions.

I have buy a new computer with NVDIA RTX2060,it still crash at start up。

Any update about the driver issue~~?

Unfortunately not yet. If new drivers don’t solve this problem, Z Vector might require an update to handle this, but for now we don’t have the resources to look into this.

Just wanted to ask if there are any news concerning the driver issue? I am still running into this problem and would want to purchase Z-Vector to use it in a show end of June, but need to use updated driver to run other software stable…

This issue is still unsolved, and unfortunately likely remain so. Z Vector is not planned to get more updates anymore, and as such this driver issue with remain. The workarounds are to use an older driver, but I understand that’s not a very inviting option.

Hi~I found the solution months ago,you can disable fullscreen Optimizations and crashes solved

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Awesome find!
Cant wait to try that!!!

It WORKS! Wow you just reduced most of my pain. Thanks a lot!

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