Z Vector featured in 3D Artist magazine (posted October 9, 2013)

The October 2013 issue of 3D Artist – a well respected magazine for people working in the 3D/CG industries – features a full page coverage of Z Vector titled “Breathing life into music with CG”.

“Being able to step into an alternative CG world that’s in full sync with the song currently playing in your earphones sounds like something from a sci-fi novel – perhaps a futuristic update on the Walkman.” starts the article and interview. I then went on to talk about Matt Pearson’s great take on what he calls the Third Era of Visual Art and how I feel Z Vector lines up with that. I also talk about Z on the Oculus Rift, an experience we’ve come to call – rather playingly – “Disco Reality”.

Apart from showing off a 4K render done with our experimental advanced build of Z, the article also shows pictures of the Scars video for Phantom and our August Assembly 2013 gig with Kebu. Go get your print or online version of the mag!