Z vector touch and r200 ? 💔


When I launch Z Vector Touch with my R200 I get this error message : “Problem with initializing sensor, please restart the application.”. Obviously the camera woks in other software and I restarted the application mutliple times.

Do I have to do something to change the type of sensor?

Can I check some logfiles somewhere?

Do I have to buy a F200 to use Z Vector Touch?

Thank you!

Forgot to say that I’m using Windows 10.


First of all, could you verify you have the right sensor family selected in the Z Vector preferences?

Did the R200 DCM install successfully? To be sure, could you try installing the latest version from here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25044/Intel-RealSense-Depth-Camera-Manager?product=92256

Could you include the full log window output?