Z Vector Touch V1.0 released! (posted October 12, 2015)


Today we’re super happy to announce the release of Z Vector Touch. Z Touch is a completely new breed of Z Vector.

Z Vector Touch is a one-of-a-kind video application that combines RGB video and depth maps. The user has unprecedented real-time control over depth relative video effects that result in a wholly unique visual look. Specifically developed for Intel depth cameras and integrated GPU’s, Z Vector Touch runs well on most modern Ultrabooks with RealSense F200 or R200 depth cameras.

The software comes with a completely redesigned UI, with the whole user experience streamlined and optimised for touch screens. We’ve tried to keep all the best stuff while making the software as accessible as possible. We feel that if you enjoy Z Vector, you will love Z Vector Touch!

In order to get a quick clue about the software, check out this quick video filmed in Stockholm last week by our regular collaborator Arkaei, or to get a deeper run through of the new functionality, check out the tutorial video.