Z Vector Touch V1.03 released with new features


We’ve just released a new version of Z Vector Touch! As well as fixing a few reported bugs, this version also introduces some cool new features:

  • Support for getting the BPM count from a MIDI clock
  • “Demo mode” has been renamed to “auto mode” and made in to an automatic visuals mode that will scratch between visuals (every 4/8/16/32 beats) in the currently the chosen mixlist in synchrony with either the tap tempo or an incoming MIDI clock
  • Improved the extended screen selector (you can now choose which connected screen to output to)
  • Many command line parameters available (list them with the parameter -h or -help)
  • Fixed a crash when resuming from sleep state
  • Fixed a MIDI learn issue

Now go download Z Vector Touch V1.03 and have fun!