Z Vector v0.92 beta released! (posted August 30, 2013)


All good things come with time. This release radically alters parts of the UI, introducing a larger monitor window (that doubles as a preview/live view) as well as a completely new, major feature: the mixing slider. We will update documentation and release a new workflow video within the week.

For example, you can now edit profile A, while profile B is being used for the actual rendered output. After you’re fully satisfied with your edits for profile A, you can start to mix between the two looks in a controlled transition using the mix slider. This not only provides some startling visual possibilities, but exponentially increases your control over the output at any given time.

Introducing Z Vector v0.92 and the new and improved UI
Z Vector Beta v0.92 change log

  • The UI has been moved around, introducing a bigger monitor window that doubles as both a preview and live window (use live mode for 10-20% better performance)
  • New dual profile render pipeline allows for editing a second profile while the first one is shown in output and mixing from one profile to another smoothly (using the new large slider found under “Mixer”)
  • Profile based brightness, contrast and saturation
  • All trigger thumbnails are buffered upon startup
  • Error checking for video thumbnail generation
  • Smooth gradient changes
  • Added VSync option to preferences
  • OSC path “/ZVector” is now also accepted in addition to “/Z Vector”
  • All OSC paths are now visible in a window accessible from the Z menu (upper left corner)
  • In addition, On Mac OS X a more stable, though significantly slower USB library can now be used for the sensor device. If you’re having problems with the program loading, please try this option before reporting a bug. To change the library being used you can run: “./Delicode_Z_Vector.app/Contents/Frameworks/change_usb.sh -fast” or “./Delicode_Z_Vector.app/Contents/Frameworks/select_usb.sh -stable” from the terminal.

Now go download this new version of Z Vector and have fun! Kinect for Windows (and OpenNI v2) version available here.