Z Vector v0.93 beta released! (posted December 1, 2013)


We’re proud to present to you Z Vector Beta v0.93! As this version pretty much introduces the rest of the features that we always wanted to have in Z Vector – in particular the ability to rapidly switch between multiple .oni’s and the sensor input, it is looking likely that this will be the last beta before the release of version one.

From a usability point of view we’ve again gone ahead and done some major changes – the camera controls are now opened to the left side of the screen. This was done because we wanted to put emphasis on the four editable camera presets which are always saved to the scene and thus remain the same regardless of the profile that is being used. Also we moved the shift control to the left (in to the “master” section). The shift – a control that moves the depth feeds horizontally on the grid – is a feature that you are unlikely to have the need to touch too much in a live situation.

These two rather dramatic UI moves opened up a lot of space on the bottom of the first page – something that we’ve put to good use. We’ve removed a whole tab – Triggers – and re-introduced it as a subsection to the Input tab. We feel strongly that this makes the whole UI a much clearer affair, essentially a setup where all the top level controls are on one page (Input) and the lower level variables on another (Controls). We hope you feel the same way!

Finally, among a plethora of other features listed below, we managed to resolve the one killer feature that we always wanted to have in version one: active depth input triggers. This beauty of a feature enables you to preload a preset number (four for each input) of .oni files to be played and manipulated at the flick of a switch. No more waiting for an .oni file to load – you can drag and drop files to the available slots at any time or load sets of four samples by pressing the “Load” button in the triggers section.

We strongly believe that this single feature – the ability to switch between playback and a live depth feed instantaneously – unleashes the full potential of depth enabled video for live visual performance. This is what Z Vector was always about – unleashing the third dimension.

Introducing Z Vector v0.93: Major changes in camera controls and triggers

Z Vector Beta v0.93 change log:

  • Active depth input triggers, which can be loaded with depth clips for instant playback
  • New input tab layout with all of the triggers and trigger banks
  • Automatic OpenGL capability testing at startup
  • Animation indicators for all animated sliders
  • Gamma controls for output
  • Option to select the active profile automatically based on mixer slider movement (see preferences)
  • Live output is shown in the mixer preview while the mixer slider is being moved
  • New flat background parameter
  • Profile revert button next to the profile randomize buttons
  • Single input width mode (depth grid 640 x 480 instead of 1280 x 480, available in preferences)
  • Meta control mapping edit options including custom min-max range for each mapped control
  • MIDI messages and audio signal values now available in FX shaders
  • New collection of preset FX shaders
  • Audio signal threshold control
  • Audio signal spectrum preview
  • Autocorrelation based distort source
  • A lot of bug fixes!

Now go download Z Vector and have loads of fun! Kinect for Windows (and OpenNI v2) version available here.