Z Vector v1.01 for Intel RealSense released! (posted April 9, 2015)


It’s been a long time since the last official release of Z Vector, but rest assured we’ve been busy building up for major updates to the software. The first of these is a release for the Intel RealSense family of depth cameras on Windows platforms. Two cameras are currently supported: the “front facing” F200 and the “rear facing” R200 (currently in Beta). You can order either of these two cameras as SDK’s directly from Intel, or get a laptop or similar device that has one of these cameras already integrated.

Apart from introducing support to a completely new family of depth sensors, this release includes an optimised rendering pipeline as well as options for disabling the mixer and using only half of the sensor data. Altogether this means that this particular release of Z Vector can run with very respectable frame rates even on high end integrated graphics cards such as the Intel HD5500. Although initially only available for the RealSense build of Z Vector, these optimisations will be made available in an upcoming build for all OpenNI users as well.

As of now the two builds are separate and you cannot operate in mixed mode (OpenNI and RealSense in the same instance of Z Vector). However, future releases of the software will aim at bringing these two, often complimentary sensor families together under a single build. While you cannot run the two sensor types simultaneously, if you have already purchased a license of Z Vector, you will be able to use your complimentary “guarantee” activation for adding a RealSense sensor to your license or vice versa.

We’ve also updated our gallery with eight new example profiles. Although originally designed as example profiles for the “front facing” Intel RealSense F200 (a depth camera that offers a very high quality depth image with a relatively short range), you can easily use them with your existing OpenNI build of Z Vector as well.

Get Z Vector 1.01 for Intel RealSense from the Download page!