Z Vector v1.13 released!


This release addresses a number of bugs that were discovered. Most notably some users had difficulties activating their license keys due to issues with the OpenSSL libraries. In addition this release fixes the support for interoperability with NI mate. You can find the new version on the download page.

Version 1.13

Bug fixes

  • Fixed creating new profiles with “copy” checked not copying trigger presets
  • Potential fix for a crash on start-up on older versions of OS X caused by Z Vector being built with OS X 10.10 being the minimum deployment target
  • Fixed RealSense Motion Range slider not working
  • Fixed NI mate interoperability not working with Z Vector 1.1x
  • Fixed NI mate interoperability not working when NI mate wasn’t using GPU Texture Transfer
  • Fixed handling some start-up things when both NI mate and Z Vector are running
  • Fixed MIDI mapping texts on UI controls not clearing when changing the current MIDI mapping
  • Meta control minimum and maximum now respect the selected slider’s soft limits if the “respect soft limits” checkbox is toggled
  • Assorted UI fixes
  • Fixed profile camera settings UI controls not updating on profile change
  • Fixed background plane depth being mixed incorrectly between profile A & B when a target was selected in the depth feed
  • Fixed file based license activation not working
  • Added missing OpenSSL DLLs on Windows